I am a young french fashion designer specialized in wearable art designs based in south of France. (Toulouse, 31). I am also a wardrobe stylist.
I have an art licence and a master in fashion and luxuries' industries.
I start those kind of creation when i was at the university, like an outlet for me to vent, and when i was in an internship.
They saw my work and told me to create more, and taking photographies on models, make teams and so on.

For the wardrobe's job, I like to mix vintage to modern clothes to get a special and unique look. I also can mix them with my creations. 
Depends of projects.
Feel free to ask me for more details :) 

You can also follow my work and contact me via my facebook page
(just click on the facebook button in the left hand corner of this website)


Zoltan Mihaly, Budapest
Louise-Eugénie Broquet


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